Automated TGA Methods for Feed Analysis: Goodbye Manual Labor, Hello Speed & Precision

Feed & Additive Issue 05/23 incl. article from Michael Jakob about feed analysis with LECO's TGA801 Analysing animal feed samples for moisture and ash content can be a tedious and time-consuming task for labs and companies in the food and feed industry. However, with LECO's TGA801, this process can be streamlined and automated to save time and reduce manual labor.

Capable of analysing up to 19 samples at once, the TGA801 is a macro thermogravimetric analyser that makes feed analysis faster, more accurate, and more efficient than traditional manual methods. The fully automated system allows you to weigh your samples directly into ceramic crucibles, place them in the sample carousel, and let the TGA801 do the rest, analysing both moisture and ash parameters in one run.

TGA Photo-Pittcon19Not only is the TGA method faster and more precise than manual methods, but it's also user-friendly and easy to use. With full documentation of sample results and method steps, LECO’s TGA801 provides comprehensive data that can be used to optimise lab processes and improve feed analysis.


If you're interested in revolutionizing your feed analysis and streamlining your lab processes, be sure to download our full article on automated TGA methods. Simply fill out the form below to access the article and learn more about how the TGA801 can help you save time and improve precision in your lab.


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