Introducing the Latest Model of LECO's PEGASUS® HRT+4D

LECO's Pegasus HRT+4D, including GCxGC capabilities with LN2 and a unique Multi-Mode Source (MMS) ion source 

We're thrilled to share some exciting news from our European Application and Training Center (EATC) in Berlin! Recently, we've enhanced our capabilities with the installation of the latest model of LECO's High Resolution Mass Spectrometer, the Pegasus HRT+4D.What sets this version apart is its modular features, including GC×GC capabilities with LN2 and a unique Multi-Mode Source (MMS) ion source. The MMS allows for seamless switching between three ionization modes (EI, PCI, and ECNI) without the need for hardware changes, ensuring perfectly aligned chromatographic traces and consistent retention times even for unknown molecule detection.

With this cutting-edge setup, we're poised to tackle a wide range of analytical challenges, from screening targeted molecules to identifying untargeted compounds across various sample types, spanning Environmental, Petroleum, and Flavour and Fragrance sectors. The GC×GC capabilities further enhance our capabilities by providing structured contour plots for improved identification and reduced interferences.

Additionally, we've integrated a Direct Insertion Probe (DIP) to the front of the MMS ion source, eliminating the need for chromatography. This feature enables direct ionization of samples, opening up possibilities for evaluating purity, formula computation for synthesied molecules, and studying complex petroleum fractions like asphaltenes.

Looking ahead, we're excited to embark on a Non-Target Screening project focusing on polluted environmental samples. Our goal is to identify both targeted and untargeted compounds, ranging from POPs and pesticides to emerging contaminants like PFAS and chlorinated paraffins. What's remarkable is that we can achieve all of this using just one instrument, employing different analytical approaches.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of analytical excellence at EATC!

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