Food Analysis for Milk and Dairy Products with LECO

LECO Food Analysis for Diary Products

Effective Analysis of Dairy Products

The analysis of dairy products is an important part of the LECO product portfolio for food analysis. LECO systems control the quality, food safety and nutrition facts of milk and dairy products.. Moisture/Ash/Protein determination, precise, fast, accurate in liquid and solid matrixes. Raw milk, cream, curt, milk powder or cheese – no special sample treatment with low analysis costs.

Specific Advantages Including: 

  • Moisture/water content determination/dry matter
  • Ash/mineral content
  • Protein analysis according to Dumas as a replacement for Kjeldahl

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After submitting the form you get free access to our compendium of app notes and further publications related to milk and dairy product analysis – all information in one place:

+ Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Milk and Milk Products
+ Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Beer
+ Determination of Moisture in Cheese
+ Determination of Total Solids in Milk
+ Nitrogen/Protein in Milk and Juice
+ Cost Effective Primary Moisture Analysis For Dairy Products


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