Sewage Sludge & Wastewater Determination with the TGA801

LECO TGA801 for Wastewater and Sewage Sludge DeterminationLECO solutions for wastewater and sewage sludge – Automated Moisture, ASH and Volatile Determination in Sewage Sludge


Sludge is a fundamental part of the water treatment process and the main residue of the purification treatments.

Most water purification processes usually involve the production of sludge, consisting of concentrated suspensions of the materials removed during the various treatments; therefore, knowing the various characteristics of the sludge like moisture, ash, and volatile in real time is essential for the efficient management of the process.
The LECO TGA801 Macro Thermogravimetric Analyser provides a moisture and ash determination system with highest precision, accuracy and automation. Improve your productivity and workflow with timesaving features such as the ability to measure up to 19/38 samples simultaneously with automated endpoint recognition and intuitive software with flexible method settings and a touchscreen interface.

Read our lates white paper and learn how LECO’s thermogravimetric solutions can improve your productivity and workflows in environmental applications.


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